Communicatel Network (CommTel)

New Generation Cloud-Based Unified Communications (UC) Solution

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Communicatel Network (CommTel) is a new generation cloud-based unified communications (UC) solution suitable for all size companies. The solution offers a business phone system that enables businesses to connect their phone system to internet-enabled devices and communicate via text, over the phone or via video conferencing.
CommTel top features include unlimited calling across the world, provides a rich feature set including enterprise voice, a cloud-based business phone system, text messaging, chat and HD video and web conferencing. Built on collaboration heritage, we simplify and unify your users’ experience and improve their productivity with a single intuitive platform.
It's easy to manage the company's phone system. Employees can stay in touch with customers and co-workers with the CommTel App, available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. When businesses switch to CommTel, they typically save 70% compared with traditional phone service. The CommTel mobile app gives users another method for accessing the service.


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